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GRAND RAID, Helping runners prepare for the event and supporter to join.

Homepage gif - Grand raid reunion 2020 - made by jeremie roberrini

My role in this project

For this project offered by IronHack I was in complete autonomy. The goal was to design an event webpage that would evolve depending on it being before, during or after the event.

Project duration: 3 weeks part-time3

The challenge was to help complete the qualification process‚Äč

The race is reserved for running heroes the qualification is hard and the testing rigorous to make sure participant have the right physical abilities. My goal is to enable athletes to prepare the right way.

Design System

Once my low fidelity wireframe was created I jumped directly in high fidelity with building a design system following atomic design principles. This was for me a trick to save time.

Before the race

Before the race is all about getting the runner ready and making sure he gets the right racing information. He needs to complete his profile and his qualification and he is encouraged to run across the island as part of is training.

During the race

The runners are going to be focussed on their effort, they are asked to keep a phone with them but to save battery, they will most likely not use it. My approach was to only provide critical information.

Learnings & Outcomes

In this project, I really pushed beyond what I would normally do and got really excited about the objectives of doing everything. I didn’t want to sacrifice on any feature or screen and it made me realise that there are a couple of things I could have done better if I had focused on them.
This UI challenge what my fire baptism of making every single element in sketch and keeping a consistent well-organised file.

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