Jeremie ROBERRINI NEVEU – Portfolio


Lifetime Fluency

Creating a new tool to help speech therapist delivering session remotely.

lifetime fluency homepage demo

My role: UX Research

This was a design assignment I received through Fiver. My role was to conduct the baseline research to create a new tool that would help the speech therapist of lifetime fluency remotely. This was brought to me in the lights of coronavirus when it became clear that most of the therapy will happen online in the future.

Project duration: 16 days

When speech therapy is pushed remote.

Therapist discovered new problems with the fact of not seeing patients directly. Like not seeing the mouth position correctly.

Ideas to solve a remote problem

Low attention from studend, hard to show a facial position, bad sound quality, these are the types of problems I took into consideration to find solutions.

ideation for speech therapy

Made easy for therapists

In the end, the app is designed to help the therapist manage his patients, keep track of notes and activities he prepared for and provide a complete form of therapy.

UI & Prototypes

As a little extra, I developed a clear UI to give my client an idea of what the final product could look like.

Learnings & Outcomes

This project was a great experience of doing interviews and research in a field where I was not familiar with. I learnt to emphasize with both therapist and patients in this industry. It was also good to check with my client after our round of ideations what type of idea where in or out the scope of the product.

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