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Okay Weather

A refined solution for a weather app that only gives your what you need.

Founder of a new application

My dream as always been to be a designer that creates products that people use. But reaching a market can be hard when your not in a company or have development skills.
This project is a personal challenge of pushing outside of my boundaries as a designer. My goal is to achieve a design that thinks of the user first, as delightful ui and slick code.

Project duration: beta version (3weeks) + launch version (1 week)

The weather made simple.

Ever seen a weather app that looked more like a combo between your accountant spreadsheet and spaceship cockpit?
I’m happy to say that you never needed to know all these things.
When we looked at the weather it often boils down to 3 things:
How much clothing should I wear?
Will I get an extra shower outside?
And will my I get a natural wind brushing today?
I designed an app intending to focus on only the information that matters right now.

First attempt to personal weather

This project starts in September 2019, Right before joining my design boot camp, as design this app and start the journey of coding it for personal use.
Learn about the first app

Playful icons

The soul of a weather app resides on its icons I created this set with the ambition of creating a kind environment to my users.

Designer meet Code

I pushed my limits of designers and learned as much as I could from Javascript and API’s to be able to create the design I required.
Read about how I code.

Ok for Weather

A logo designed for simplicity and quick identification okay weather is the friendly app you will need.

First release on the market

Releasing the application made me discover a completely new field of product development. I spent the first-week handling bugs and collected new and unexpected feedback coming from people using the app.

Icon redesign

My skills improved along with this project, in order to make my app even more joyful, I went to use newly learned technics for better icon design.


Having an app made me realized that a product is never really finished and there is always improvements and tweaks we can provide to make it better. I listen to my feedback to provide a clearer view of the upcoming weather information.

Learnings & Outcomes

This is the first application I ever completed and launched to the public. This project pushed up my graphic design skill further, changed the way I create components for development. Yet the biggest thing I got to do is to dig into code, Before I started this I didn’t know how HTML worked.

As soon as the application launch, I discover hundreds of bug coming up from different devices that I did had access to, API issues, not supported code, etc. This is really the moment what I realised what it meant to launch a product and I started to see the journey ahead of developing an improving it. As I have now, new skills to acquire to improve my product.

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