Jeremie ROBERRINI NEVEU – Portfolio

OKAY WEATHER, Building a responsive weather app with API integration.

My role in this project

This adventure was completely personal, I wanted to challenge myself into creating a weather app from the start to end. I had previously worked the design and my goal was to bring it to life.

Project duration: Design 1 week + Code 3 weeks part-time

  • Designer
  • Front-end
  • Back-end
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript

I used a survey to validate the layout

In order to make an app as “low cognitive load” as possible, it was important to check what layout and frame people are the most comfortable with.

Designing components

This was my first attempt to create a design that would have to become a code, I tried to make components with easy resizable rules.
Learn about the design process.


Coding was, of course, the biggest challenge as I had to learn to apply and fix the issue on the go for the first time.
Read about how I code.

photo of jeremie Roberrini Neveu | Visual UX/UI Designer | Amsterdam | 2019

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