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ARTICLE.LY, Creating an immersive experience to fight binge reading.

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My role in this project

I partner in this project with Luka, on this project offered by IronHack. Our mission was to provide a way for a documentary magazine to create an audience online and to deliver a prototype with a scalable design guide.

Project duration: 2.5 weeks part-time

The challenge was to find a way to promote reading.

Our survey highlighted that a horizontal scroll experience creates longer reading and encourage users to engage more.

Design Guide

The goal of this challenge at Ironhack is not to produce one article. The mission was to design something that obeys scalable rules and that could be expanded over time. We made a design system to define rules in our solution.

UI & Prototypes

Our research highlighted that when it comes to news, people are using as much their desktop as they are using there smartphone. We needed to also develop a correspondence for our experience on mobile.

Dark mode

At the end of our project, we still had an extra day, we are currently learning everything about ui design and though it would be interesting to create a dark mode.

Learnings & Outcomes

This project was entirely built with the focus on motion and interactions, I had to learn how to make the effect we needed. I really improved and developed my skills on principle and even if it’s not perfect it got me on the track to improve my interactions.
In this project we had to debate different version of presenting the article, testing what was in effect 2 full solution it requires us to keep a good track on focus on our final to achieve it.

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