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Helping people with chronic pain to understand their situation and get better.

pain app showcase

Role: Visual UX/UI Designer

I developed a tool to help people suffering from chronic pain to register how they feel each day and provide knowledge on the recovering and wellbeing. I took it as my mission to ensure the features were backed by scientific research and presented in a user-friendly way.

Project duration: 3 months

Take control over your pain.

We focused on people with chronic pain, the goal is to help them understand and provide relief solution.
It could be a technic to try, a habit to change or an exercise to do.
The app asks about how you’re feeling and respond with activities tailored to your situation. We also provide our patient with statistics and reports to help them understand their evolution over time.

Finding the right solution

Making the daily questionnaire required lots of testing, trials and error to find the elements we needed.

Challenging ways to deliver the experience

A lot of the pre-staging work for this project was to create and test different ways information could be organized in the app.

Design for developments

I combined Zeplin and Figma to create and deliver my design to our production team. I learnt a lot by creating guides for design behaviour.

Beta version

After the discovery phase, I was given a month to lock the design for the first development sprint of the application.

Insightful illustrations

Our app features a series of scientific articles and easy steps to learn about the factors that can affect your pain. My role was to create simple illustrations to support the written explanations.


As the beta version was getting dispatched to more people, we were getting more feedback. I got the opportunity to rework the application.


We had defined our visual identity, I provided Biekos with a logo for our application.

Learnings & Outcomes

This is the biggest project I ever got to wok on, building an app from the ground, learning from scientist and developers their vision of the business.
I got to redesign and improve several times on my own work which was a great experience to learn from.

The application is soon going to be released to the public, and I’m pretty excited to learn from it.

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