Jeremie ROBERRINI NEVEU – Portfolio

App design • Instagram


A short project to add a scheduling feature inside Instagram. This creates the opportunity for better management of the audience and the feed.

instagram logo

As part of the IronHack Ux/Ui program, I was in charge of adding scheduling inside of Instagram. This challenge was about working with a pre-established design system as well as finding a reason behind a feature.

The issue is that most people don’t actually want to spend time to schedule things on instagram. Only the creators can really benefit from this feature and their approach to the platform is different. My feature only gets activated for those who activate the creator’s features.

This was a solitary project where I could build the app starting from the atomic design system which was really hard. The mock-ups and designs were made in Sketch, some usability testing on Adobe XD and the animation had to be handmade.

This project was to be done alone in 2.5 weeks with the assistance of the IronHack teachers.

Ux Research

Defining where scheduling has the most potential in Instagram.

Benefits of scheduling

My first step was to identify actors that would be impacted by the feature, what could be their goal, pain point, and job to be done regarding this feature.

Version testing

Scheduling as the most potential with creators and I wanted to help better reach their audience with a graphic that indicates when they can reach the best impact for their content.


I have added the scheduling entry point right where Instagram users are used to setting up their new content before sharing it. I used the same language as the one that the page was using.

Ui Design

Adding a feature that stays true to Instagram.

Atomic design

Most of my time was spent on reproducing the design system of Instagram. Only then I started to recompose it and tried to add little elements as possible.

User flow

After several changes and usability testing, this is the user flow of the new feature. From the moment when the user triggers it until he clicks to terminate it.


This is the overall render of the new screen that would be added.

Interaction Design

Responding to different use cases.

Swipe to define time

One of my surprises was that people really tried to use the time bar to define when they wanted to schedule their post. This action sent me back to the drawing board to design something that would be usable in that fashion.

Slide to select time for scheduling

Product & Solution

Feedback and thoughts on this project

In general, even if there is still some tweaks this got a good reception from users and iron hack. The future for this feature would be to facilitate the experience with speech control.

This project was a good experience to work atomic design and it made me really think a good symbol architecture in Sketch for it. As it was back to being alone after 3 months of working in a team this was also a good moment of stop and check yourself.