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App design • Blue Bird Yoga

Blue Bird Yoga

With the constraints of generating new business without impacting the current workforce, we designed a yoga for beginners. Breaking the knowledge barrier a newcomer may have.


Blue Bird is a yoga studio in Amsterdam looking to attract new customers. The goal is to design an application that would generate new revenue but also attract people to the studio. There is a budget for development but the tool must not use staff resources.

For the people interested in yoga and doing other kinds of exercises, the main reason for not coming is the fear of not understanding. Many have tried but the style of yoga didn’t correspond to them, the rhythm was not correct and they didn’t feel comfortable. 

We had 2.5 weeks in a team of 3 Ux designers. We organised our workflow using a kanban on, used a design thinking approach always getting back to more interviews and feedback. We developed the prototypes on Sketch and animated the app in Principle.

I partner in this project with Shelly and Natalia, two great UX designer in IronHack. We had a very limited time, but it was part of the program to all do the steps together, we divided some elements into individual tasks but most of the project is built together.

Ux Research

Understanding pain points and limitations.

The Client

Bluebird yoga has a very friendly and understanding approach. The instructor really helps you grow and develop in your yoga. But it is not enough to break the mental barriers of beginners.

Feedback board

We gather our research result and interview feedback in a feedback board to help us better understand the potential users. The main issue for them is to not know how to do it and what is right for them.


To complete our finding we developed Marie as our persona, she embodies and active women, who do a lot of exercices, is interested in yoga and would really benefit from some short session. One challenge is that Marie is not very digital and our solution has to be very simple for her to use.

Affinity map & Ideation

In this step, we lay down everything we could get form our interviews and tried to develop as many ideas possible for our solution. The challenge was then to select only the few that we can actually develop.

User Flow

Then we created a user flow to defined a clear path of simple action and start to think about what our app could look like and what actions are necessary.

Ui Design

Going for a simple design.


This represents our second version of wireframes where each of us as to focus on a specific screen to develop his functionalities. The first version was a wireframe competition between us on which we performed an AB testing to only keep the best ideas.

Usability testing

After further refurbishment, we exposed our app for a final usability test before going to mid-fidelity. This test highlighted in red a large number of paint point and uncomprehension that became our improvement targets for the next versions.


For the Ui, we derived our theme from the already established branding of Blue Bird on their website. We were not here to do a rebranding but to produce something that would fit in the same universe of the brand.

Interaction Design

Creating fun interaction.

Start a yoga

On this page, the user quickly fit the activities he did on the day and his goal and the app automatically generate a custom made selection of yoga to get started.

select a yoga | Blue bird | created by jeremie roberrini
yoga flow | Blue bird | created by jeremie roberrini

The yoga flow

Once on the flow, the key of our app resides in an audio instructor who tells you what to do. These screens are designed as a glance that you can check if you need more information. The interaction is quick and simple so you can easily swipe while doing your exercise.

Library & weekly review

Finally, you can access a library of poses, to help you learn more about them or review something that you liked or didn’t understand. We have also integrated a Weekly review in our app to keep user encouraged with different level and challenges to accomplish.

Library & review | Blue bird | created by jeremie roberrini

Product & Solution

Feedback and thoughts on this project

Globally the app had a good first impression, but if we dive into more details we didn’t develop well how the audio would sync with the video. The other weakness turned out to be the UI where the selected buttons are not quite visible and the colour not very appealing. But we are still beginners and will surely fix those issues in our next projects.

This was a good exercise of teamwork and we had challenging moments to handle versioning and good work division on Sketch. I personally learned a lot about as a tool and will keep using it in my next projects. My next goal is to learn better ways to share work especially once we reach the Ui production step.