Jeremie ROBERRINI NEVEU – Portfolio



Connect people and local producer thanks to a social network system that helps build a schedule and promote seasonal products.

Find a solution to connect the community to a local producer and promote a seasonal product. Our goal is to provide a more sustainable way to do your groceries.

Most peoples have a busy lifestyle and think about purchasing food at the last minute. As a result, even if they want to do better they always end up un a supermarket choosing the most convenient option.

This project is an idea that was matured from 2 weeks of research, interviews and ideation around our problem. As a team, we shared the document on Miro and the prototypes where both designed on Figma and Sketch.

This solution is a side project I have created based on the search result we produced with a team of 4 as part of the IronHack Ux Program.

Ux Research

Define what is the solution people need.


People highlighted there struggle as they try to have a healthy lifestyle but get caught by time and everyday tasks.

“I should do it, but I don’t”

“The thing is by the time I leave work and arrive here, the food market is closed”

Jens (german expat in Amsterdam)


Our global study survey confirmed that people want to know and do more but always trade it for convenience.

Priority guide

From all ideas and insight we collected we identified 3 How Might We as a target for our solution. This is the point in the research where I branched out of my group to produce an alternative solution based on those core questions.

App Design

Full details on a possible solution.

Local markets near you

The first page is made to empower users with information on what is available around them. With simple icons to help them get into the right place.

Markets details

Each market offers more info about its producer, story and usual schedule to help people plan there trip.

Producer page

The producer can attract people by showcasing his skils, invite the client to events and offer visits into his workshop.

Producer near you and seasonal products

Someone can also find producer around his area and get special advice on what are the current seasonal products and how to use them.

User space

Finally, on your personal page, you can create an agenda by selecting favourite markets or producer as well as subscribing to the events.
you can also check your reviews and upload photos of your shops.